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Hugh Steers has his first solo exhibition in Washington, D.C..

Peter Schifter earns a Tony Award nomination for his work on the musical “Welcome to the Club.”

Due to declining health, Tim Dlugos leaves the Yale Divinity School.

Nate Marinuzzi attends his 25th Reunion at Yale; three months later, he dies from AIDS-related illnesses.

James Snead dies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

James Terrell M.Arch ’68 dies at the age of 45.

Jorge Enrique Garcia Rodriguez dies at the age of 41.


British computer scientist Timothy Berners-Lee, an employee at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), writes a proposal for an information management system known as the “World Wide Web.”

The Berlin Wall—having stood for nearly thirty years as a symbol of the sharp divisions of the Cold War— is opened. Thousands of East Berliners stream westward and the process of German reunification begins.


Renowned photographer Robert Mapplethorpe dies of an AIDS-related illness.

Members of ACT UP infiltrate the New York Stock Exchange where they stage a protest against Burroughs Wellcome, the sole manufacturer of AZT.  Days later, the annual cost per patient of AZT drops 20 percent.

The US Congress creates the National Commission on AIDS.

By year’s end, a total of 117,508 cases and 89,343 deaths have been reported in the United States.