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February 21, 1972: President Richard Nixon travels to China, ending a quarter century of diplomatic estrangement between the United States and the People’s Republic.  In less the six months, Nixon will become mired in the Watergate Scandal that will eventually result in his resignation.


The Yale School of Architecture is established.

In advance of a visit by Richard Nixon’s Secretary of State, William P. Rogers, Yale president Kingman Brewster—a vocal critic of the Vietnam War— publishes an editorial on the front page of the Yale Daily News affirming the university’s commitment to freedom of speech and asking antiwar protestors to respect Rogers’ presence on campus.

Robert Walden, a member of Branford College, graduates from Yale with a degree in Anthropology.


Nate Marinuzzi meets Har­ri­son Cromer, who will be his part­ner for the next sev­en­teen years.