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May 4, 1970: Four students are killed and nine others wounded when National Guard troops open fire on a crowd of unarmed protestors on the campus of Kent State University.  The escalation of the Vietnam War—now in its fourteenth year—is the focus of student demonstration around the country.


Various members of the Black Panther Party are tried in New Haven for the murder of a suspected FBI informant. In anticipation of massive demonstrations and civil unrest, President Nixon mobilizes thousands of National Guardsmen. Bombs are detonated at Ingalls Hockey Rink. Vice President Spiro Agnew calls for the resignation of university president Kingman Brewster for Brewster’s publicly expressing doubts about the Panthers’ ability to receive a fair trial.

Yale’s first Women’s Studies class—“Women in a Male Society”—is taught.

The first female deans are appointed to Saybrook and Morse Colleges.